Vestfrost strengthens its position in the biomedical sector with its blood bank refrigerators

Vestfrost strengthens its position in the biomedical sector with its blood bank refrigerators

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VEST01 (1)
Vestfrost is a global developer of innovative and efficient refrigerators and freezers for the professional market. It’s the one of the international leaders in refrigeration industry and has a strong international logistics network of its own. A/S Vestfrost was established in Esbjerg, Denmark in 1963 with a single vision: to create the world’s best refrigerators and freezers. After get international recognition over half a century with sales exceeding 15 million units, the vision remains the same, while its business model has been refined. The company has changed its corporate name to Vestfrost Solutions, where all activities are based on serving specific needs within three distinctive segments: biomedical, commercial refrigeration solutions, wine and food. In the biomedical sector, Vestfrost refrigerators and freezers are synonymous with reliability and safety for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, research centers and blood transfusion centers.
Blood banks and freezers for biomedical and pharmacological products are devices designed and manufactured in accordance with the MDR Medical Device Regulation (Class II). All refrigerators and freezers for this sector are equipped with electronic temperature recording and alarms, as well as a battery back-up to ensure alarm signaling in case of power failure.   What makes Vestfrost solutions outstanding is the refined design, the use of high-quality components, as well as the advanced electronics of all its controllers.

Exhaustive testing for perfect performance

Vestfrost Solutions refrigerators and freezers always work to deliver perfect performance. To ensure this, Vestfrost subjects all its solutions for the biomedical sector to exhaustive tests and extreme situations. This is the guarantee for all customers that a solution based on Vestfrost’s sanitary cold will work reliably for years and years to come. In its testing laboratories, Vestfrost can measure parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, electricity and energy consumption for their products, all in climatic rooms with temperatures ranging from -10 to +70⁰C.
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RA-MINI with EMC certification to guarantee success in any test

Vestfrost Solutions also performs EMC electromagnetic compatibility tests to certify that their refrigerators and freezers are immune to external disturbances and don’t produce signals that disturb other equipment. REGNER® as a supplier of motion control systems contributes to the certification process with documentation that our actuators have passed EMC tests that ensure that our devices are safe and don’t affect with the normal operation of other equipment.

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VALIDA builds a purposeful legacy for a more accessible society

VALIDA builds a purposeful legacy for a more accessible society

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What do we leave behind after working hard every day in an organization? What is our footprint? Thinking in terms of legacy, it is the ability to look from the future to the present that will endure. Building a legacy gives meaning to the efforts and the trajectory.

VALIDA’s legacy is built by a team of engineers and professionals with more than 14 years of experience in the lifting industry. It is a team of people who put all their enthusiasm, professionalism, and experience at the service of individuals, communities of owners, companies, architectural firms, organizations, and associations to provide technical solutions for improving accessibility.

Legacies are only meaningful if they point to a better future. VALIDA’s legacy is to help and improve the quality of life of people with reduced mobility, studying and proposing the best systems and technical solutions to increase accessibility and overcome architectural barriers.

Through this Spanish company, it is understood that to lead is to try to build a shared legacy with a team and a purpose. Legacies are differential when they allow changing the lives of others positively. For this reason, VALIDA plays an active role in the communities where it operates as it maintains a close relationship with different associations.

VALIDA is a company directly involved in caring and social improvement, so one of its primary objectives is to publicize how is the daily life of this group, as well as to support and promote actions that encourage the participation of these people. Válida’s obsession is to work to improve the lives of those around us.

REGNER® control systems for a more efficient management

It is as important to have the right system of electric linear actuators as it is to have an efficient control system for their management. REGNER® control systems house the controllers that enable the connection between the linear actuators and the corresponding drive controls. They are the key component to deliver the precise movement needed for each application.


The control systems can operate one or several linear actuators at the same time, increasing the possibilities of the system, including intelligence and a large array of features and security options. Each application has different needs, and the actuator performance requirements are adjusted to meet them. That is why at REGNER® we design and manufacture customized control systems to meet the specific needs of our customers.

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New equity partner for Indiba, the medical device manufacturer

New equity partner for Indiba, the medical device manufacturer

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Indiba, the therapy and physical recovery company used by tennis player Rafa Nadal, owned by Magnum Capital, has been acquired by the Italian private equity fund Charme Capital Partners together with the Spanish investment group Miura Partners, according to market sources familiar with the transaction.


After this transaction, the Spanish company has reached a valuation of 150 million euros. The sale of the company comes four years after Magnum Capital took control of the medical equipment manufacturer. Indiba’s valuation in 2018 was between €55 million and €65 million.


Indiba was incorporated in the early 1980s in Barcelona and, over the years, has placed itself among the most prominent companies in the research, manufacturing, and distribution of medical and beauty devices. Pulsed light, cryotherapy, cavitation, and pressotherapy are only a few of the technologies used in their machines. But above all, it stands out for being the company that invented the first radiofrequency for diathermy treatments.

Diathermy is a technique that consists of the transmission of high-frequency current to the interior of the body tissue, which achieves stimulation of the molecules and an increase in the temperature of the tissues. Thanks to this thermal effect, it is possible to treat an infinite number of pathologies. With its innovative technology based on the 448 kHz frequency, Indiba helps people to improve their lives and recover faster from injuries.


Today, its technology is used by a large number of professional athletes to recover from their physical efforts. In addition to Rafa Nadal, tennis player Garbiñe Muguruza, MotoGP riders Aleix Espargaró and Alex Rins, use the Barcelona-based company’s products.


Indiba’s products and processes are certified by ISO 13485, CE, CE 1434 and authorized by the FDA. Indiba achieved a turnover of €40 million in 2021, after billing €22 million in 2020. The company has a presence in more than 65 countries and has subsidiaries in France, Italy, the United States, and the United Kingdom as well as strategic alliances with local partners in Asia.

REGNER®, INDIBA's supplier since 2011

Quality, safety, and regulatory compliance are key for Indiba. This manufacturer and distributor of devices for use in aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, dermatology, beauty, sports medicine, and physiotherapy develops medical devices that must comply with the standards and regulations of the healthcare sector.


Selecting and working with ISO 13485-certified suppliers means being able to have components and services that are safe, effective, and comply with current legislation. ISO 13485 is the standard for medical devices, which ensures that all devices meet the appropriate regulatory compliance laws and customer needs. REGNER® has been a supplier of technology components to Indiba since 2011. Indiba values REGNER®’s ISO 13485 accredited quality management system which ensures that the products it supplies meet the standards of this very demanding certification and which has the pursuit of excellence as its ultimate goal.


Indiba is aware of the importance of working with a certified company and the benefits it brings to its work philosophy include the following:

a) Components and solutions according to customer requirements.

The company that adheres to these standards prioritizes the needs and requirements of its customers, supplying components and solutions in a manner consistent with them.


b) Continuous improvement as a management tool

The certified company incorporates continuous improvement in all its processes. With continuous analysis and evaluation, the organization periodically reviews its processes and identifies those that can be improved.


c) Guaranteed reliability

Working with a certified company means working with audited products and services. By holding such accreditation, REGNER® as a supplier company demonstrates to its customers that the organization employs the best practices recognized in the medical device industry.

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IMA Life BV the freeze-drying specialist to meet pharmaceutical demands

IMA Life BV the freeze-drying specialist to meet pharmaceutical demands

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IMA Life The Netherlands BV is part of the IMA Group, one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of machines and complete filling lines for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. The IMA Group employs 5.600 people and has 43 production sites worldwide.

At their Dongen plant, IMA Life supplies aseptic processing, filling technology and freeze-drying solutions for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. The division offers solutions that comply with the most rigorous requirements and offers products whose underlying technology is based on more than 50 years of experience and continuous collaborations with leading pharmaceutical companies around the world.

IMA Life’s activities are focused on preserving the integrity of the pharmaceutical products it produces under the highest possible sterility, while protecting operators and the environment with innovative containment systems.

In recent years, there has been a significant growth in pharmaceutical freeze-drying facilities worldwide. The growth in the supply of freeze-drying equipment is attributed to the exponential growth of the pharmaceutical sector, the rise of biologics products, most of which require freeze-drying, research and development of new molecules, the growth of injectable formulations, most of which require freeze-drying, and technical advances that eliminate or reduce operational limitations of freeze-drying.

In many of its projects, IMA Life works closely with the customer to develop advanced solutions. The machines have to be able to work perfectly with the interfaces to the customer’s manufacturing facilities. It should be noted that flexibility is an important aspect of the design of all IMA Life equipment since its customers often have to be able to manufacture different medicines on the same production line.

There is currently a strong demand for flexibility in robotic systems and automated processes, which means that the future is marked by close collaborations with customers in order to design safer solutions that meet their needs.

RA-MINI® makes processes more efficient in the pharmaceutical sector

The environment in which pharmaceutical companies operate is being driven by an increasingly demanding healthcare agenda. The global need for innovative and cost-effective medicines continues to increase, while regulators, healthcare providers and patients are demanding better value for money. To meet these demands, companies are looking for the best ways to increase the efficiency of their operations, streamline operational spending and improve performance. REGNER® uses its experience and knowledge of pharmaceutical industry operations to help our customers create technological solutions that improve the performance of their systems. At IMA Life The Netherlands BV, RA-MINI® actuators manage safer and more efficient processes in industrial freeze dryers. At REGNER® we like to take our linear technology wherever it is needed.

About IMA Life

IMA Life offers machines for washing and sterilization of pharmaceutical products, filling and capping in aseptic environments of vials, ampoules and RTF vials, syringes and cartridges, microdosing and macrodosing of aseptic powders, including isolation technology and containment solutions, as well as industrial, pilot and laboratory freeze dryers, which can be combined with the widest range of automated loading and unloading systems in the industry. IMA Life also offers filling and closing machines for non-aseptic pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, labeling machines for vials, ampoules and cartons, blowers, tray loading machines and other auxiliary equipment.

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Orbis analytical instruments get the trust of the Dutch industry

Orbis analytical instruments get the trust of the Dutch industry

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The petrochemical sector in the Netherlands is very significant and plays an important role worldwide, as it is one of the largest producers and distributors of oil and natural gas. It is the second largest industry in the Netherlands, having a considerable contribution to the Dutch GDP, employing 9% of the working. From crude oil to gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, lubricants and polymers, petrochemicals are always present in our lives. The number of standards and regulations for analysis reflects the relevance and variety of raw materials and petrochemical products. In today’s competitive world, expectations are high when it comes to compliance with regulatory and quality requirements, as well as operational performance. ORBIS BV is aware of the requirements of the petrochemical industry. This Dutch company based in Dronten has developed, manufactured, supplied and installed analytical instruments for the petrochemical industry. Their experience goes back to the early seventies, when Paul Bruggeman, the founder of ORBIS BV, was the first person to develop automatic instruments for distillation, flash point and other test instruments. Since then, the company’s obsession has been to find the latest innovations in the world of technology and use them to make its instruments better, faster, smaller and easier to use. ORBIS BV helps in petrochemical production, process engineering, quality management operations as well as product certification.
Orbis BV designs and manufactures laboratory instruments for a range of petroleum tests, such as atmospheric distillation test (ASTM D86), cold filter plugging point, cloud point and pour point test. Since petrochemical products are manufactured on a massive scale, manufacturing units produce multiple products and these units are often clustered in various locations around the world. ORBIS BV instrumentation equipment is used by customers around the world providing crucial support to ensure that projects and processes are on schedule.

Micro-actuators to select and position

At REGNER®, we recommend using RA-MINI actuators for those applications that need to select and position different types of elements of the production process. Industrial applications have always been characterized by the pursuit of productivity, but recently other parameters such as flexibility, traceability and cost amortization have been added. Many processes that in the past were carried out using pneumatic units are now clearly opting for electric technology systems.
REGNER® engineers are specialized in the consultancy of actuators, position sensors and control units for linear movements, providing solutions for drive, actuation and positioning systems. We have always held a leadership vocation in the motion control industry because we efficiently solve our customers’ demands. We focus on developing advanced solutions and offering our customers the best product to suit their production system.

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Dispendix consolidates its position in the life sciences sector with its high-tech non-contact technology

Dispendix consolidates its position in the life sciences sector with its high-tech non-contact technology

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Dispendix GmbH is a high-tech and fast-growing company founded in 2016, spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA) in Stuttgart. The German company has developed an innovative liquid dispensing technology I-DOT, Immediate Drop-on-demand Technology, which ensures efficient, flexible and non-contact dosing of volumes in the nano to microliter range. This unique liquid dispensing technology brings automation, precision and speed to laboratories, enabling scientists to optimize liquid handling workflows and accelerate their research in a wide range of applications, resulting in the design of more efficient biological and chemical experiments. Andreas Traube and Tobias Brode are the inventors of the I-DOT technology. Christopher Laske brought the invention to commercial maturity, leaving his senior position at Fraunhofer IPA and moving to Dispendix as technical director. Harry Böltz has led the company’s strategy in the early years. This new technology has its origins in the need for dispensing, that means distributing liquids. For biological or chemical experiments, samples often have to be centralized in a liquid form very precisely.
Scientists need to carry out analysis with a small sample, but at the same time extract as much data as possible, which saves significant costs. Therefore, the volumes to be dispensed are becoming smaller and smaller, but with high technological demands. The I-DOT system meets all these requirements.

“Dispendix focuses on the life sciences market, i.e. pharmaceutical and biotech companies. The I-DOT system is mainly used to miniaturize experiments by using less sample material”

Harry Böltz Dispendix Co-founder
Part of the CELLINK Group since 2018 and with a global customer base, Dispendix is committed to creating the Future of Medicine. The company working alongside its laboratory and life sciences customers is already enabling faster diagnoses, new drug discoveries and personalized healthcare to experience remarkable growth.

Micro-actuators for medical technology and life science

REGNER® micro-actuators are used in numerous medical and life science applications, i.e. in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Our actuators operate reliably and with the best quality in high-precision devices such as optical spectrometers, high-intensity focused ultrasound machines (HIFU), muscle rehabilitation devices, automatic medical injectors, and dissolution and analysis systems.

Drive components for medical technology applications must meet extremely demanding requirements. Medical technology has no tolerance for error. Precision, heat dissipation, smooth operation and a long service life are required.
REGNER® is certified to the quality management system for medical devices ISO 13485:2018. ISO 13485 is an international standard that specifies the requirements for the management system of an organization involved in one or more stages of the life cycle of a device. This prestigious credential demonstrates that the research, design and manufacture of solutions for the medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors meet standards and deliver safe and reliable products to customers with remarkable efficiency and excellent quality control.

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Preliminary compatibility tests with the Power Electronics Group, Aragon Engineering Research Institute (I3A)

Preliminary compatibility tests with the Power Electronics Group, Aragon Engineering Research Institute (I3A)

Regner® Editorial Team

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The Power Electronics and Microelectronics Group –GEPM– is a research group at the Engineering Research Institute of Aragon (I3A). Its activities and research are focused on power electronics and microelectronics technologies used in household, industrial, communication and biomedical applications.

On 21 February a team of electronic engineers from REGNER® visited the GEPM facilities in order to carry out preliminary EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) certification tests on a new generation of actuators.

An important member of the GEPM is Arturo Mediano Heredia, one of the most respected researchers in EMC and EMI. He has worked in the development and analysis of a wide variety of electronic products. This engineer’s area of work is very significant in both industrial and academic fields. He has outstanding experience in collaborating with well-respected national and international companies; he provides expert training on the Master of Electronic Engineering and the Master of Telecommunication Engineering courses at EINA; he also provides professional training for Asian and American industry, especially in Silicon Valley.

EMC design rules can vary greatly depending on whether you are designing high-speed computer equipment, low-cost mixed-signal consumer products, or high-power industrial controls; but as Arturo asserts, the basic principles of EMC are the same in all industries. By applying these principles in an organised way,it is possible to review a design circuit by circuit to ensure that any specific EMC requirements are met.

Taking these rules into account,the GEPM facilitates EMC, ESD and immunity testing to meet all companies’ compliance needs. When an unacceptable value is found, Arturo Mediano, with his extensive experience in electronic devices of all kinds, advises appropriately to either change a component or redesign the electronics. When an unacceptable value is found, Arturo Mediano, with his extensive experience in electronic devices of all kinds, advises appropriately to either change a component or redesign the electronics

From product design to prototype evaluation and pre-compliance with full pre-certification tests, the GEPM evaluates the device according to the requirements of the EMC Directive:

EMC pre-compilance analysis

GEPM provides real-time and highly repeatable identification of problem frequencies, sources and their physical locations.

ESD Testing

Electrostatic discharge can cause numerous problems for electronic devices. ESD testing can simulate the electrostatic impacts that devices may experience during operation ESD testing can determine whether a product complies with IEC 61000-4-2 and can help identify ESD reduction measures.

Radiated and conducted immunity testing

Radiated immunity tests measure the intensity of unintended emissions that may be generated by the product. GEPM helps to identify what those emissions look like and whether or not they are within the required limits.

Design for electromagnetic compatibility

At REGNER®, when the design of a new actuator begins according to the customer’s requirements, mechanical engineering is first responsible for its development and then,together with electronics, determineswhere to house the electronics that will facilitate the movement of the actuator and its communications.

Increasingly there is a need for smaller actuators with higher performance. Electronic engineers often have little room to accommodate all the components and, more importantly, must ensure that their design doesn’t give rise to any electromagnetic compatibility problems.

So when electronic engineers finally receive the prototype to test the electronic designit is not uncommon for them to encounter a number of obstacles that will have an impact on the design. Often the problem is solved by making a small adjustment, but sometimes it requires a redesign. This is why pre-compliance testing is so important, to ensure that all scenarios have been considered and that the device does not fail in any way during the certification phase.

At REGNER ®we are very clear about a number of considerations when it comes to the electronic design of any of our products:

EMC and electrical safety complianceare mandatory requirements for most markets.

EMC and electrical safety complianceare mandatory requirements for most markets.

REGNER® hasits own defined objectives for compliance with the standards for each phase of development.

For this reason, electronic engineers are very aware of the EMC and electrical safety standards and during the design process they consider all relevant requirements that may have an impact.

At REGNER®, we believe that pre-compliance testing is necessary to pass all certification tests – nothing is left to chance.

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Industry 4.0 Workshop

Industry 4.0 Workshop

Regner® Editorial Team

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In early 2020 we received an invitation to attend an event led by six companies in the field of Industry 4.0.

The aim of the workshop was to presenttechnological advances – accompanied by real-world applications – in the areas of automation, digitalisation and industrial safety.

The event was to take place at La Fortalesa in Sant Julià de Ramis, which is less than ten kilometres from Girona.

In addition to our interest in the event itself, the location was an additional attraction, since La Fortalesa is an iconic site that amazes everyone who visits.

As well as being architecturally unique, the fortress houses a jewellery museum and an art gallery. It also has a large oval hall with a high vaulted ceiling for events. This large auditorium is where the series of lectures on the latest innovations in Industry 4.0 were to be take place.

On 20.02.2020, a REGNER®team made up of technical experts and engineers arrived at La Fortalesa hoping to gain a broader vision of the latest intelligent industry products and solutions.

The group of companies that exhibited their products for industry in the Girona region were:



Aventics is part of Emerson Automation Solutions and is one of the world’s leading brands in pneumatic components and systems The pneumatic systems engineering company offers products and services for industrial automation, as well as for the food technology, packaging, medical and energy industries.


Baumer is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sensors, encoders, measuring instruments and components for machine vision systems Baumer is a family-owned company employing approximately 2,300 employees worldwide with 38 offices in 19 countries.


BIHL+WIEDEMANN is a German company founded in 1992 by Jochen Bihl and Bernhard Wiedemann in Mannheim. The highly specialised engineering company is one of the leading suppliers of safety technology and electronic components for automation technology.


ESA AUTOMATION is a manufacturer specialising in industrial automation. ESA Automation offers solutions in: SCADA, CNC-Motion, Remote Assistance, Drives & Motors, SoftPLC Codesys, HMI, HMI+PLC, I/Os, Industrial PCs (IPCs), Web Panel, and power control solutions.


LENZE is a German group of companies specialising in automation and drive technology worldwide. The Lenze Group is based in Hamelin, not far from Hanover. With all the advantages of a global player, it offers products, drive solutions and complete automation systems, as well as services and engineering tools.


SEIS ADECUACIONES INDUSTRIALES is an engineering company specialising in machine safety. The company offers all the necessary services to ensure that machines comply with European directives and current regulations: CE marking, adaptation and certification to RD1215.

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Elebia, the leader in intelligent lifting systems, launches its new solution

Elebia, the leader in intelligent lifting systems, launches its new solution

Regner® Editorial Team

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The NEO generation has arrived: Versatility in cranes

Elebia’s history dates back to 2006, when its founder, industrial engineer Oscar Fillol,had to buy some cranes for the company he worked for. To his surprise, he discovered that the solutions on the market were incomplete.

Everything was automatic, remotely controlled and highly automated, but there was an obvious gap when it came to hooks.Fillol wondered how it was possible that, despite the existence of cranes with a high level of automation, in the end an operator had to climb onto the load to attach it to the hook. You could buy the most sophisticated crane on the market and yet, in the end, the operators still had to manually connect the load; this did not make any sense.

After three years of research and a million euros of investment,this engineer from Barcelonamade the automatic hook a reality – with remote control that attaches and releases loads remotely and in complete safety.

Since then it has no longer been necessary for an operator to climb onto the load and manually place the slings or chains on the hook. Now Elebia’s intelligent hook is at the end of the crane arm. It is positioned over the load and operates on its own, remotely controlled by the crane operator,and only requires the rigging equipment to have a metal componentthat responds to a magnet.

Today, Elebia is a world leader in intelligent lifting solutions. Proof of this is that the company, which is based in Canet de Mar (Barcelona), supplies its technological solutions to leading companies such as Rolls-Royce, Space-X, ArcelorMittal, Boeing, Airbus, Siemens and Tenaris, among many others.

Equipping cranes for the future

Decades of experience in the construction sectorhave led Elebia to designand build automatic hooks capable of offering impeccable performance in lifting mechanisms anywhere in the world.

The latest generation of NEO Lifting Hooks with advanced electronics offers construction companies unmatched performanceand the ability to meet the challenges of a wide variety of loads, whether precast concrete, formwork or metal structures.

This new solution, which can be easily integrated with current and future loading crane automation,makes work faster and safer, with a significant reduction in worker movements.

“Our goal has always been to provide the world’s most advanced and innovative crane hook that improves safety and productivity in loading operations.”

Oscar Fillol

Founder and CEO of ELEBIA

In addition, this solution allows the addition of value-added services such as a user control system and a real-time clock.All events (open hook, closing hook, overload alarm, unbalanced alarm, temperature alarm, service warning) are recorded and exported to a spreadsheet. By storing this information, users can manage information about the use of the hooks and any alarm events that may have occurred.

Thanks to its unique features,the NEO Lifting Hook offers a truly flexible solution for all lifting needs,while improving productivity, safety and comfort for the operator.

Regner® designs the linear actuator for the NEO lifting hook

The new automatic hook series is equipped with REGNER® linear actuators This is a customised version of the RA38 actuator, one of the most precise and robust REGNER®actuators, which has been designed to work perfectly in the tightest of spaces.

The RA-38 is a high-quality actuator that has been adapted to Elebia’s requirements. The person who analysed the initial data and guided the execution of this project, Elebia’s Product Engineer Jordi Fabra, was very clear about what he was looking forwhen he spoke to our engineers last September.

Fabra wanted ahigh level of customisationwith a shorter stroke length, as well as special cables and connectors to facilitate communication between the interface and the control system; all at a very competitive price.

Having REGNER® actuators meansnot only getting a product tailored to the customer’s needs, but also having the support and collaboration of a team of engineers and technical experts with extensive knowledge and years of years of experience in a wide range of applications and products for motion control.

After the design, manufacture and integration of the new actuator into the NEO solution, Elebia’s Product Engineer Jordi Fabra could only conclude:

“The RA38 actuator has fully satisfied all our requirements”

The NEO Lifting Hook is equipped with REGNER® linear actuators The lifting hook approaches the lifting point and, thanks to the highly customised RA38 linear actuator, the closing operation begins. Equipped with a contact sensor, the NEO Lifting Hook detects when the load is correctly positioned and NEO closes automatically.

Once the LED indicator activates, the load is ready to be lifted and transported. All this makes this system productive and reliable, as it allows for a significant reduction in handling operations.

The construction industry requires precise and robust equipment. All systems must undergo rigorous quality controls.

REGNER® electric linear actuators offer a level of precision that is only possible through the use of the highest quality components. In addition, REGNER® actuators are subjected to rigorous test procedures in which endurance tests are carried out to ensure reliable operation in applications and environments anywhere in the world.

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For ONECLICK electric linear actuators FARO® chooses REGNER®

For ONECLICK electric linear actuators FARO® chooses REGNER®

Regner® Editorial Team

Aiguaviva -



FARO Technologies is the world’s leading company in 3D measurement technology. The company develops and markets computer-aided measurement and imaging equipment and software. FARO technology enables high-precision 3D measurement, imaging and comparison of complex parts and structures in production and quality assurance processes.

The company’s global headquarters are in Lake Mary, Florida while its research and development facility is inExton, Pennsylvania. The state-of-the-art technology centre at 290 National Road in Exton was opened in March 2014 to support the company’s plans for growth.

FARO was attracted to Exton due to the location’s proximity to FARO’s existing facility in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania and also because of the highly skilled workforce in this area of the north-eastern United States. Exton is on the high-tech corridor that extends from Washington to Boston, where large national and international companies are concentrated. The centre houses the optical metrology research laboratories where engineers research and test new materials and continuously innovate to improve FARO’s product offering.


The new automated inspection system from Faro®

The President and CEO of FARO, Simon Raab, has reason to celebrate. FARO has announced the availability of the OneClick measurement system:

With FARO OneClick, we have directly addressed a whole series of weaknesses that the industry has had since the invention of 3-axis coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). Specifically, we’ve addressed the programming of difficult and complex parts that needed a highly trained quality inspector, as well as the problem of expensive fittings, all of which had combined to create a bottleneck in the inspection process.”

OneClick was created to be a more resource, space and cost efficient alternative to non-contact coordinate measuring machines.

OneClick was therefore equipped with a compact system comprising three components:

• A non-contact scannerthat captures millions of high-resolution 3D coordinate measurements in seconds. The device includes an integrated processor and is mounted on a flexible mechanical arm that allows the scanner to scan with maximum coverage.

A highly adaptive rotating fixturing table that allows a part to be mounted and rotated to capture complete part data

Fully integrated and intuitive software designed specifically to optimise the OneClick user experience

Fully automated programming

With the learning mode, OneClick allows usersto set up a repeatable inspection routine without manual intervention. In this process, the software automatically moves through a series of critical steps:

1 – The model CAD file is first imported into the software and a scan is performed

2- A representative part is mounted on the turntable and scanned

3- The initial CAD model and scanning data are used to determine the optimal way to scan and measure the part in the future

4-The result of the standard inspection reports is defined by the parameters identified by the Geometric Dimension and Tolerance (GD&T) information embedded in the CAD file.

Once the automated programming routine has been completed, subsequent parts and assemblies can be automatically measured and reported at the press of a button. As a result, the training process is significantly reduced as skilled personnel are no longer required to conduct the process and users are assured that the results are the same every time, regardless of which operator is performing the measurement.

Linear technology that overcomes space limitations

When the R&D team of FARO Technologies Inc. contacted REGNER® they were very clear about what they needed from a new automated inspection solution.

Gene Vinshtok, the experienced Mechanical Engineer for 3D Imaging leading the OneClick development team,was designing a fast, fully automated, high accuracy point cloud inspection system for small to medium sized parts.

Along with the new design, it was necessary to find a very compact actuator to be able to integrate it into the positioning arm to allow data capture in a way that was integral to the part. In addition, it was necessary to find a linear motion solution that would facilitate measurement more quietly.

The solution proposed by the REGNER® engineers was an electric linear actuator with a diameter of 36 mm. Aheavy-duty spindle and a highly efficient 24V DC permanent magnet motor were installed to work withmaximum precisionand reliability.

Finally, the actuator has proven to be not only the perfect design solutiondue to its integration in the positioning arm, but also provides superior acoustic comfort by working quietly below 50 decibels.

Gene vinshtok praised our engineer's work:

"The actuator meets the design requirements and works very well. Also, we really like the way it operates so quietly."

Regner®, the perfect balance between form and function

REGNER® is a technology company and in designing our products we attach as much importanceto function as to form. Our motion solutions have to function correctly and also distinguish themselves by their design.

The challenges –in many cases the lack of space and the high technical requirements– challenge our engineers to question the design and to think about how to make it work better. Not many manufacturers are able to develop compact electric actuators that will continue to function for many years. That’s why we invest many hours in R&Dand have a team of engineers who combine the best linear engineering with innovative developments to make linear actuators with excellent performance and outstanding design.

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