We work towards respect
for the environment and social commitment

We believe that  sustainability is the way forward

Commitment to the environment

We are constantly on the lookout for new applications for our waste recovery, such as the reuse of packaging materials.

We are improving our methods and facilities by establishing new controls and procedures.

We invest in technological improvements and maintain our facilities efficiently. We have the ISO 14001 management system certification.

We are working to reduce our electricity consumption.

Commitment to our employees

At REGNER®, we honestly believe that our collaborators are our company’s main value. At the company, we make every effort to attract and retain talented professionals who enrich our team.

We foster a positive work environment based on personal and professional development in various disciplines, equal opportunities and mutual respect. In order to keep our talent with us, we invest hundreds of hours in employee training every year.

Commitment to our stakeholders


We strive to provide innovative motion solutions that improve people’s lives.

Investors and
financial institutions

We keep in touch with these interlocutors, being transparent and keeping them fully up to date.

Strategic partners

We believe that agreements with other companies help us to offer a competitive product portfolio and aid our business growth.


We prioritise suppliers that have quality and environmental certificates and are in line with social commitment.

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