When design seduces linear technology

At REGNER®, we offer integral linear motion solutions with surprisingly advanced engineering and careful design.

The rigorous and stylized shape of our actuators, together with their meticulously studied functionality, make for a perfectly balanced device. The harmonic proportions and the thickness of each of the selected materials create linear electric actuators that stand out for their compact design and their precision.

REGNER® actuators are the best option for applications with space limitations since they feature an in-line motor, a simple design, and smooth motion control.

This is why we have become the go-to partner for power wheelchair manufacturers, because our actuators integrate elegantly into their mobility devices saving space and making it possible to raise a seat, position footrests or adjust the angle of backrests.

After more than 25 years in the market, REGNER® thrives to go above and beyond in providing design, quality, and innovation: a brand with a strong commitment to our origins and yearning to increase the prestige achieved thanks to the work of a full team of designers, engineers, and professionals.



with character

We at REGNER® think that design is much more than the appearance of an object. It is the very experience of using it. That is why we build linear actuators with elegant lines and use first-class materials with excellent finishings.

Our customers experience the pleasant aesthetics of our solutions but also their quiet operation, low energy consumption, exceptional performance, and light weight. Consequently, our devices can easily integrate into the look of any application and provide a modern and stylish feel.

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We develop custom solutions based on the technical requirements of our customers. Each custom linear actuator is the result of rigorous research and teamwork.

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  • Design
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Efficiency
  • Energy saving

Our constant investment in R&D allows us to offer high-quality, quiet, and low-consumption electric actuators. Discover how and why our linear technology leads us to building a better future.

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