Our objective:
To surprise our clients

The REGNER® brand carries the promise that every linear motion solution is reliable, safe,
of the highest quality and in compliance with all local laws and regulations.

We apply
advanced manufacturing along the whole value chain.

REGNER® has implemented a programme to apply advanced manufacturing throughout the whole value chain based on efficiently using the vast amount of information at the company’s disposition.

We’re working to make our processes and systems more “intelligent” in an aim to optimise quality control, predictive maintenance and internal logistics, which are the three main areas where the company applies advanced manufacturing.

Our motto is to never compromise on the safety, compliance and quality of our products and services.

The validation tests of our solutions are of paramount importance to us. 

Each actuator is subject to an individual and thorough inspection before delivery.

We encourage continuous improvement
in all of our processes


Quality standards

These standards bring together professionals’ knowledge and experience to guarantee a systematic and coherent application of our knowledge and experience.


Management cycle continuous improvement

This allows us to guarantee efficient management of Quality processes, measure performance and promote the improvement of our culture of Quality.


Management system based
on processes

This involves the entire value chain where each function is responsible for defining and managing the processes that can impact quality, regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction.

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