Actuators that adapt to your needs

Inspection and cleaning robots

Linear actuators are a key component in the design and production of autonomous inspection and cleaning robots. Tasks such as adjusting the support arms, vertical clearance to the ground or operating cameras are carried out using this technology that allows these and many other tasks to be carried out automatically, efficiently and compactly that we are unable to perform with servomotors or other elements.


High added value motion control

At REGNER®, we collaborate with manufacturers of inspection and cleaning robots to adapt our solutions to each specific need and provide the market with autonomous systems that perform tasks that were unthinkable just a few years ago.

Pipe inspection, cleaning and repair robots, for example, can enter pipes that would be difficult or even impossible to take apart in order to perform a detailed analysis and even carry out the necessary repairs to ensure watertightness. Equally, vertical cleaning robots, which scale all types of surfaces, make it possible to reach any height without the need for lifting equipment and carry out tasks autonomously and at a much lower cost than traditional methods.

High power density and energy efficient actuators minimise the impact on the autonomy of autonomous robots

Using digital and analogue position controls, the robot controller can find out the real-time position of each of the system elements

The long service life and absence of maintenance meet manufacturers’ most demanding standards

Actuators for cleaning and inspection robots

Linear actuators

24 VDC
Max. force:
2.000 N | 450 lbf
Max. speed:
17,5 mm/s | 0,7 in/s

Microlinear actuators

12 VDC
Max. force:
70 N | 16 lbf
Limit switches, Potentiometer
Max. speed:
14,7 mm/s | 0,6 in/s

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