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From a workshop located in the heart of Vermont’s Quechee Valley, master craftsman Mark Lackley designs and builds fine furniture pieces for clients across the United States. A passionate woodworker, Mark upholds an esteemed tradition of New England furniture making.

In an age where speed is prized over quality and character, Mark Lackley has remained true to its roots: authenticity of product and process. He believes in fine art for living, creating unique and extraordinary pieces with traditional methods coming from The Green Mountain State.

Vermont is indeed an English adaptation of the name that French explorer Samuel de Champlain gave to Vermont’s Green Mountains on his 1647 map. He called them “Verd Mont” meaning green mountain. With just 9,217 square miles, this state is famous for its landscape, the beautiful scenery of Vermont’s hills and valleys, in addition to being known for its liberal politics. Vermonters continue to zealously guard every person’s right to be free thinkers. In other words, Vermont is equivalent to nature, forests and farms that speckle across the green landscape amidst individualism and independent political thought.

Designing extraordinary pieces of furniture with authentic materials

It is in this ambience where Mark remains true to his craftsmanship While furniture companies around the United States have transitioned to machine-made lines, producing and reproducing designs economically, compromising the strength and durability of the goods, he believes in genuine quality and locally-sourced materials, which resist the hands of time, staying just as functional as on day one.

As Mark sees it, the wood itself breathes, gives off warmth, and is soft to the touch. Moreover, wood has a soul and its soul lies in its natural characteristics. Every tree is unique like a fingerprint. The Lackley pieces are equally unique.

Many years of experience and professional skill have helped him as has his understanding of the characteristic properties of every type of wood. When it comes to walnut, maple, cherry or oak, he knows how to balance any tiny imperfection, thus resulting in harmonious tables, remarkable desks and fine cabinets.

You can always find Mark in his workshop, the place which holds the secret to understanding his success: his love for working with authentic materials and his passion for a job well done. These two qualities have been enhanced by his talent, his creativity and his commitment to innovation. The latter is what has led him to devise an original poker table with a system to serve up the tokens automatically. The purpose was to create a precious table in cherry, where the chips are facilitated at the disposal of the players.

Combining talent, creativity and innovation

With this aim in mind, he conceived a system driven by a mini actuator tucked away in a convenient housing inside the table. Essentially, the system just needed about 40 Newtons of force for 25mm of travel. In Mark’s words: Just a well-built actuator with a good motor, consuming as little energy as possible. I was just looking for the right linear actuator to “plug and play”.The REGNER® miniactuator is just what he needed: an extremely compact and powerful miniaturized actuator. This is where tradition meets with high-end technology and filling this role quite appropriately is the RA-MINI. All this brings about an outstanding poker table for exigent players with the finest tastes.

When it comes to poker, you cannot assume that anything goes. There is a certain ritual expressed not only by a pre-game mental preparation, but also and more importantly sometimes by how the players take a seat around the table and exchange looks. Observing the opponent’s body language helps to gauge the strength of the adversary’s cards. Therefore, a handcrafted poker table with clean lines, graceful curves and subtle details is an essential part of this sacred ritual. Mark Lackley worked down to the smallest detail in order to create a game table that works with precision and will last throughout the years, handcrafted in Vermont to be treasured for generations.

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