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FARO Technologies is the world’s leading company in 3D measurement technology. The company develops and markets computer-aided measurement and imaging equipment and software. FARO technology enables high-precision 3D measurement, imaging and comparison of complex parts and structures in production and quality assurance processes.

The company’s global headquarters are in Lake Mary, Florida while its research and development facility is inExton, Pennsylvania. The state-of-the-art technology centre at 290 National Road in Exton was opened in March 2014 to support the company’s plans for growth.

FARO was attracted to Exton due to the location’s proximity to FARO’s existing facility in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania and also because of the highly skilled workforce in this area of the north-eastern United States. Exton is on the high-tech corridor that extends from Washington to Boston, where large national and international companies are concentrated. The centre houses the optical metrology research laboratories where engineers research and test new materials and continuously innovate to improve FARO’s product offering.


The new automated inspection system from Faro®

The President and CEO of FARO, Simon Raab, has reason to celebrate. FARO has announced the availability of the OneClick measurement system:

With FARO OneClick, we have directly addressed a whole series of weaknesses that the industry has had since the invention of 3-axis coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). Specifically, we’ve addressed the programming of difficult and complex parts that needed a highly trained quality inspector, as well as the problem of expensive fittings, all of which had combined to create a bottleneck in the inspection process.”

OneClick was created to be a more resource, space and cost efficient alternative to non-contact coordinate measuring machines.

OneClick was therefore equipped with a compact system comprising three components:

• A non-contact scannerthat captures millions of high-resolution 3D coordinate measurements in seconds. The device includes an integrated processor and is mounted on a flexible mechanical arm that allows the scanner to scan with maximum coverage.

A highly adaptive rotating fixturing table that allows a part to be mounted and rotated to capture complete part data

Fully integrated and intuitive software designed specifically to optimise the OneClick user experience

Fully automated programming

With the learning mode, OneClick allows usersto set up a repeatable inspection routine without manual intervention. In this process, the software automatically moves through a series of critical steps:

1 – The model CAD file is first imported into the software and a scan is performed

2- A representative part is mounted on the turntable and scanned

3- The initial CAD model and scanning data are used to determine the optimal way to scan and measure the part in the future

4-The result of the standard inspection reports is defined by the parameters identified by the Geometric Dimension and Tolerance (GD&T) information embedded in the CAD file.

Once the automated programming routine has been completed, subsequent parts and assemblies can be automatically measured and reported at the press of a button. As a result, the training process is significantly reduced as skilled personnel are no longer required to conduct the process and users are assured that the results are the same every time, regardless of which operator is performing the measurement.

Linear technology that overcomes space limitations

When the R&D team of FARO Technologies Inc. contacted REGNER® they were very clear about what they needed from a new automated inspection solution.

Gene Vinshtok, the experienced Mechanical Engineer for 3D Imaging leading the OneClick development team,was designing a fast, fully automated, high accuracy point cloud inspection system for small to medium sized parts.

Along with the new design, it was necessary to find a very compact actuator to be able to integrate it into the positioning arm to allow data capture in a way that was integral to the part. In addition, it was necessary to find a linear motion solution that would facilitate measurement more quietly.

The solution proposed by the REGNER® engineers was an electric linear actuator with a diameter of 36 mm. Aheavy-duty spindle and a highly efficient 24V DC permanent magnet motor were installed to work withmaximum precisionand reliability.

Finally, the actuator has proven to be not only the perfect design solutiondue to its integration in the positioning arm, but also provides superior acoustic comfort by working quietly below 50 decibels.

Gene vinshtok praised our engineer's work:

"The actuator meets the design requirements and works very well. Also, we really like the way it operates so quietly."

Regner®, the perfect balance between form and function

REGNER® is a technology company and in designing our products we attach as much importanceto function as to form. Our motion solutions have to function correctly and also distinguish themselves by their design.

The challenges –in many cases the lack of space and the high technical requirements– challenge our engineers to question the design and to think about how to make it work better. Not many manufacturers are able to develop compact electric actuators that will continue to function for many years. That’s why we invest many hours in R&Dand have a team of engineers who combine the best linear engineering with innovative developments to make linear actuators with excellent performance and outstanding design.

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