Vestfrost strengthens its position in the biomedical sector with its blood bank refrigerators

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Vestfrost is a global developer of innovative and efficient refrigerators and freezers for the professional market. It’s the one of the international leaders in refrigeration industry and has a strong international logistics network of its own. A/S Vestfrost was established in Esbjerg, Denmark in 1963 with a single vision: to create the world’s best refrigerators and freezers. After get international recognition over half a century with sales exceeding 15 million units, the vision remains the same, while its business model has been refined. The company has changed its corporate name to Vestfrost Solutions, where all activities are based on serving specific needs within three distinctive segments: biomedical, commercial refrigeration solutions, wine and food. In the biomedical sector, Vestfrost refrigerators and freezers are synonymous with reliability and safety for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, research centers and blood transfusion centers.
Blood banks and freezers for biomedical and pharmacological products are devices designed and manufactured in accordance with the MDR Medical Device Regulation (Class II). All refrigerators and freezers for this sector are equipped with electronic temperature recording and alarms, as well as a battery back-up to ensure alarm signaling in case of power failure.   What makes Vestfrost solutions outstanding is the refined design, the use of high-quality components, as well as the advanced electronics of all its controllers.

Exhaustive testing for perfect performance

Vestfrost Solutions refrigerators and freezers always work to deliver perfect performance. To ensure this, Vestfrost subjects all its solutions for the biomedical sector to exhaustive tests and extreme situations. This is the guarantee for all customers that a solution based on Vestfrost’s sanitary cold will work reliably for years and years to come. In its testing laboratories, Vestfrost can measure parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, electricity and energy consumption for their products, all in climatic rooms with temperatures ranging from -10 to +70⁰C.
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RA-MINI with EMC certification to guarantee success in any test

Vestfrost Solutions also performs EMC electromagnetic compatibility tests to certify that their refrigerators and freezers are immune to external disturbances and don’t produce signals that disturb other equipment. REGNER® as a supplier of motion control systems contributes to the certification process with documentation that our actuators have passed EMC tests that ensure that our devices are safe and don’t affect with the normal operation of other equipment.

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