To build cost-efficient food systems, Roser Group relies on the new RA-44 electric actuator

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The small gesture of reaching out for a product from a supermarket shelf has major implications for the food industry, and specifically for the meat sector. Consumers, now hyper-informed, are much more demanding in their shopping experience, and they take their time to read labels thoroughly. This change in behavior has led to modifications in the production process in order to meet higher quality standards.

In this context, the main challenge for the sector is to offer the best possible product while guaranteeing food safety and sustainability throughout the entire value chain. The future of the meat industry depends on the collaboration between the different links in the production chain with the goal of offering a sustainable production model.

Decades of experience in the designof machinery for the production of cured ham have made ROSER GROUP the technological partner of choice when it comes to acquiring a machine for dealing with such a highly valued product. Su know-how abarca el diseño y la fabricación de líneas de producción para sazonar, desengrasar y lavar jamones, así como máquinas para deshuesar o prensar jamones curados.

Engineers at ROSER GROUP are constantly researching new ways to create even more efficient machinery, looking for options that make machines more environmentally friendly and striving for ease of use and comfort for operators.

ROSER GROUP is a global leader in the design and manufacture of machinery, equipment and facilities for the ever-changing food industry, and for the meat sector in particular.

Founded in 1956, ROSER GROUP is a renowned corporate group which offers customers comprehensive solutions for every stage in the production of meat products through their versatile, highly automated, hygienic, and safe production lines.

In their search for overall improvements for their cured ham boning machines, engineers at ROSER GROUP were looking for a 24V, low-consumption linear actuator with a security system that allowed operators to determine the beginning and the end of the stroke, which required very little maintenance and with a high IP protection level to resist pressure washing.

The main goal of ROSER GROUP engineers was to combine versatility and reliability to provide greater added value to an already efficient method for cured ham boning.

The RA-44, the perfect solution for food industries requiring hygienic solutions

The RA-44 electric actuator by REGNER®, with its magnetic safety sensors, is an ideal option for applications in which it is necessary to monitor processes, such as cured ham boning machines. In this case, the actuator provides greater flexibility to the operators in terms of ease of use, given that they can control the beginning and the end of the stroke. The stainless steel sensors are perfect for food processing systems because of their thermal stability and their resistance to detergents.

Moreover, the RA-44 electric actuator is a technical solution with a long service life, it requires no maintenance—it does not need any kind of grease or lubricant oil—, and it has a protection degree of IP66, which makes it perfect to resist the pressure washing used for a thorough cleaning of the machine.

The food industry needs reliable actuators to hold, separate, feed or align products for human consumption. Industrial automation systems require maintenance-free precise moving systems with a good protection degree to respond to high hygiene demands.

RA-44 linear actuators by REGNER® help improve manufacturing processes in the food industry. They are accurate and versatile in integral applications, allowing for the production of different kinds of formats and products by merely changing the parameters on a dialog screen. Thus, the process is adjusted automatically, so it becomes considerably faster, and a very high operational versatility is achieved, which makes it possible to produce small batches.

The latest generation of cured ham boning machines by ROSER GROUP now offers an unparalleled performance by combining versatility and reliability in machinery capable of meeting the demands of the meat industry, whatever they may be.

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