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The petrochemical sector in the Netherlands is very significant and plays an important role worldwide, as it is one of the largest producers and distributors of oil and natural gas. It is the second largest industry in the Netherlands, having a considerable contribution to the Dutch GDP, employing 9% of the working. From crude oil to gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, lubricants and polymers, petrochemicals are always present in our lives. The number of standards and regulations for analysis reflects the relevance and variety of raw materials and petrochemical products. In today’s competitive world, expectations are high when it comes to compliance with regulatory and quality requirements, as well as operational performance. ORBIS BV is aware of the requirements of the petrochemical industry. This Dutch company based in Dronten has developed, manufactured, supplied and installed analytical instruments for the petrochemical industry. Their experience goes back to the early seventies, when Paul Bruggeman, the founder of ORBIS BV, was the first person to develop automatic instruments for distillation, flash point and other test instruments. Since then, the company’s obsession has been to find the latest innovations in the world of technology and use them to make its instruments better, faster, smaller and easier to use. ORBIS BV helps in petrochemical production, process engineering, quality management operations as well as product certification.
Orbis BV designs and manufactures laboratory instruments for a range of petroleum tests, such as atmospheric distillation test (ASTM D86), cold filter plugging point, cloud point and pour point test. Since petrochemical products are manufactured on a massive scale, manufacturing units produce multiple products and these units are often clustered in various locations around the world. ORBIS BV instrumentation equipment is used by customers around the world providing crucial support to ensure that projects and processes are on schedule.

Micro-actuators to select and position

At REGNER®, we recommend using RA-MINI actuators for those applications that need to select and position different types of elements of the production process. Industrial applications have always been characterized by the pursuit of productivity, but recently other parameters such as flexibility, traceability and cost amortization have been added. Many processes that in the past were carried out using pneumatic units are now clearly opting for electric technology systems.
REGNER® engineers are specialized in the consultancy of actuators, position sensors and control units for linear movements, providing solutions for drive, actuation and positioning systems. We have always held a leadership vocation in the motion control industry because we efficiently solve our customers’ demands. We focus on developing advanced solutions and offering our customers the best product to suit their production system.

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