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NORCRANESis a dynamic manufacturer, headquartered in Trofa (Portugal), dedicated to development, manufacture, assembly and technical assistance of lifting and handling equipment. Serving a broad range of customers, including manufacturing and process industries, shipyards, ports and terminals, NORCRANES is committed to providing companies with lifting equipment and mobile lifting aid services that increase the value and effectiveness of their businesses.

Industrial cranes

NORCRANES is theindustry benchmark for safety, reliability, and cost saving. They provide all kinds of lifting applications for all kinds of industries, from standard to heavy-duty cranes, including electric overhead cranes and components.

Port and portal cranes & service

NORCRANES also provides expert maintenance and after-sale support as well as complete crane service worldwide for all types of harbor and shipyard cranes.

Crane service

NORCRANES provides an extensive range of services and unique capabilities dedicated toimproving safety and helping businesses decrease the cost of downtime while increasing productivity during uptime.

RA-38 In-line actuator series for Norcranes Lifting equipment

REGNER® linear electric actuators are the clearest choice to replace manual operations, gas springs, and hydraulic actuators. The main advantages that REGNER® electric actuators offer against those systems are:

With over 15 years of experience, NORCRANES technicians understand what it takes to keep equipment operating at full power. They provide preventive and corrective maintenance services for lifting equipment of all brands.

Regarding maintenance, they are able to inspect or design maintenance plans for lifting equipment, taking into consideration the specific characteristics and workload of each customer, in order to extend the life cycle of the equipment.

In the area of technical assistance, the highly-skilled technical teams at NORCRANES use their expertise to respond to any request at once. Their services include but are not limited to:

When NORCRANES receives an order for lifting equipment, they send the client a general arrangement drawing and general specifications for the equipment for approval. Production does not commence until approval is granted and approximate lead times are agreed upon. NORCRANES works following strict internal quality procedures in accordance with ISO9001-2015, and all their equipment is supplied complete with a Letter of Conformity and Full Working Instructions.

Ra38 in-line actuators are easy to mount and operate, require no maintenance, don’t leak hydraulic fluid and once installed they will work dependably year after year

The RA38 actuator series has proven field reliability, and ongoing development has opened a wide variety of application possibilities for lifting systems.

They are gasketed and totally sealed off for protection against liquids, dust and foreign particles as well as lubricants or grease, making them an ideal solution for equipment used outdoors. As an added value, the linear actuators in series RA38 are finished in anodized aluminum, which is corrosion resistant.

The RA-38 inl-line actuator series, ready for industrials enviroments

Replacing hydraulic cylinders with electrical linear actuators means a simpler and smaller installation, easier control, lower energy costs, higher accuracy, less maintenance, less noise and a cleaner, healthier environment.

The RA38 In-line Actuator Series offers advantages over mechanical and hydraulic systems in many applications. They are self-contained, sturdy, and durable, making them ideal for any application in which you want to lift, lower, push, pull, rotate or position a load.  These in-line actuators possess the following features:

La serie de actuadores en línea RA38 ofrece ventajas sobre los sistemas mecánicos e hidráulicos en muchas aplicaciones. Son autónomos, resistentes y duraderos, lo que los hace ideales para cualquier aplicación en la que haya que levantar, bajar, empujar, tirar, rotar o colocar una carga. Estos actuadores en línea poseen las siguientes características:

Compact design

RA38 in-line actuators adapt and can be used in confined areas.

Reliable and sturdy

the RA38 In-line Actuator Series incorporates strong and high-quality components to assure hassle-free service. It presents a sturdy design, helical gearing, quality lubricant, and a high performing motor allowing for maximum life and value. They are gasketed and sealed throughout for protection against liquids, dust and foreign particles as well as lubricants or grease, so they are ideal for use in outdoor equipment. To resist corrosion, they are finished in anodized aluminum.


all adjustments and lubrication are made at the factory and no maintenance is required or recommended. Consistent, repeatable performance is provided during the entire lifetime of the actuator.

Safe operation

RA38 in-line actuators incorporate thermal switches to shut the actuator off in case of overheating.

Process manufacturing at REGNER® runs by Lean Principles. Our organization has a successful set of tools that we use daily to continually improve manufacturing operations and product development processes. With this approach, we avoid waste in every aspect of our business and we focus on achieving outstanding results that create competitive advantages in quality and production.

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