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control systems

REGNER® control systems contain the electrical control mechanisms that allow for the connection between linear actuators and their corresponding operating controls. They allow for the operation and regulation of the different movements preset by the system.

Control systems are able to operate one or several linear actuators while expanding their functionalities and providing intelligence.


Every application has specific needs in terms of actuator performance. This is why, at REGNER®, we design and manufacture custom control systems to meet the exact needs of our customers.

From control systems built specifically for wheelchairs to machinery designed for the meat industry, for home automation systems or even for industrial automation, all these industries benefit from our motion control solutions.

Custom materials and colors

At REGNER®, we do not set boundaries on creativity. Our engineering department is at the disposal of our clients in order to determine and establish the hardware and software necessary for the required functionalities.

Our control systems can feature customized designs and colors and be finished with materials that camouflage perfectly into the customer’s application, or they can be made to really stand out. We offer our clients the chance to finish the desired control system with highly customized options.

Adapted to every application

REGNER® control systems can be adapted to fit any application. The most commonly customized parameters in our control systems are:

  • Power supply

• DC
• AC
• Integrated battery

  • Actuator channels

• 1 to 12

  • Interface

• Buttons
• RF
• Wi-Fi
• Customized

  • Safety

• Overcurrent protection
• Anti-trapping
• IP protection

  • Synchronism

• Simultaneous operation
• Non-simultaneous operation

  • Position control

• Analog position control
• Digital position control

  • Other features

• Polarity control
• Position control
• Position memory
• Preset positions