Dispendix consolidates its position in the life sciences sector with its high-tech non-contact technology

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Dispendix GmbH is a high-tech and fast-growing company founded in 2016, spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA) in Stuttgart. The German company has developed an innovative liquid dispensing technology I-DOT, Immediate Drop-on-demand Technology, which ensures efficient, flexible and non-contact dosing of volumes in the nano to microliter range. This unique liquid dispensing technology brings automation, precision and speed to laboratories, enabling scientists to optimize liquid handling workflows and accelerate their research in a wide range of applications, resulting in the design of more efficient biological and chemical experiments. Andreas Traube and Tobias Brode are the inventors of the I-DOT technology. Christopher Laske brought the invention to commercial maturity, leaving his senior position at Fraunhofer IPA and moving to Dispendix as technical director. Harry Böltz has led the company’s strategy in the early years. This new technology has its origins in the need for dispensing, that means distributing liquids. For biological or chemical experiments, samples often have to be centralized in a liquid form very precisely.
Scientists need to carry out analysis with a small sample, but at the same time extract as much data as possible, which saves significant costs. Therefore, the volumes to be dispensed are becoming smaller and smaller, but with high technological demands. The I-DOT system meets all these requirements.

“Dispendix focuses on the life sciences market, i.e. pharmaceutical and biotech companies. The I-DOT system is mainly used to miniaturize experiments by using less sample material”

Harry Böltz Dispendix Co-founder
Part of the CELLINK Group since 2018 and with a global customer base, Dispendix is committed to creating the Future of Medicine. The company working alongside its laboratory and life sciences customers is already enabling faster diagnoses, new drug discoveries and personalized healthcare to experience remarkable growth.

Micro-actuators for medical technology and life science

REGNER® micro-actuators are used in numerous medical and life science applications, i.e. in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Our actuators operate reliably and with the best quality in high-precision devices such as optical spectrometers, high-intensity focused ultrasound machines (HIFU), muscle rehabilitation devices, automatic medical injectors, and dissolution and analysis systems.

Drive components for medical technology applications must meet extremely demanding requirements. Medical technology has no tolerance for error. Precision, heat dissipation, smooth operation and a long service life are required.
REGNER® is certified to the quality management system for medical devices ISO 13485:2018. ISO 13485 is an international standard that specifies the requirements for the management system of an organization involved in one or more stages of the life cycle of a device. This prestigious credential demonstrates that the research, design and manufacture of solutions for the medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors meet standards and deliver safe and reliable products to customers with remarkable efficiency and excellent quality control.

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