Vision, mission,
and values

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Improving lives through technology

At REGNER®, we offer integral linear motion solutions with one single goal: improving people’s lives through technology. A technology designed and manufactured to create electrical devices that are more efficient, achieve greater energy savings, provide quieter operation, and present superior aesthetics.

We aim to improve the lives of people who trust REGNER®. That is why after over 25 years on the market our motto remains the same: IMPROVING LIVES THROUGH TECHNOLOGY.

Our vision

All missions begin with a vision. Ours began in 1994, when Kurt Regner thought that wheelchairs had to have a better design and provide greater comfort and safety.

At a time when wheelchairs were primarily functional, he was convinced that he could find more aesthetically-pleasing and efficient solutions. Rethinking its structure also meant considering the systems that made motion control possible.

Kurt Regner found that the electric actuators were too bulky, lacked design, and were also extremely noisy. He then set out to change the relationship between users and their wheelchairs by means of smaller, quieter, and higher-quality actuators.

Today, REGNER® is a global leader in the linear technology of compact electric actuators for power wheelchairs. Our vision is to continue growing and to become a model of excellence for linear technology solutions.

Our mission

Our mission is to accelerate the global transition to automation in all sectors.

REGNER® wants to be a relevant player in the global switch from pneumatic and hydraulic systems towards a more efficient, cleaner, and safer technology based on innovative electric linear actuator solutions.

Our values