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We work to be socially committed and

environmentally friendly

At REGNER®, we believe in sustainability as a way of proceeding, aligning the strategic development of the company with the concerns and needs of our groups of interest.

The way we do it is just as important to us. That is why we are firmly committed to maintaining respect and integrity, thus combining the achievement of economic benefits with social engagement and respect for the environment.

Commitment to our employees

Part of REGNER®‘s commitment to society, one of the main strategic goals driving our daily activities is the well-being of our employees.

At REGNER®, we honestly believe that our employees are our biggest asset. We work within the company to attract and retain talented professionals that enrich our team. To attract the best talent, we have signed collaboration agreements with universities and business schools, and, to retain it, we invest hundreds of hours every year in training for our employees.

Thus, REGNER® fosters a positive work environment based on personal and professional development in several areas, equal opportunities, and mutual respect.

Our commitment to the environment

We at REGNER® think that respecting the environment is an obligation to society, ourselves, and sustainability.

In addition to strict compliance with legal regulations, we apply our own environmental management policy, with a firm commitment to the promotion of sustainable development, the efficient management of natural resources, and environmental protection.

  • We try to improve our methods and facilities by establishing new controls and procedures day in, day out.
  • We invest in technological improvements and maintain our facilities efficiently.
  • We work to reduce power consumption.
  • We are always striving to find new applications for the recovery of our waste, such as reusing packaging materials.
  • The company holds an ISO 14001 certification for management systems.

Commitment to our groups of interest

In our daily activities, REGNER® works closely with all interest groups involved in research, design, and development of motion control solutions.

We work to have a fluid relationship with all customers, investors and financial institutions, strategic partners, and suppliers, as well as our employees.

Customers: we work hard to provide innovative motion solutions that improve people’s lives.

Investors and financial institutions: we maintain a careful dialogue with these partners, we are transparent, and we keep them posted. Financial transparency is one of our primary objectives.

Strategic Partners: we believe that agreements with other companies help us offer a competitive product portfolio and increase our business growth.

Vendors: all REGNER® providers must meet several criteria in line with our social commitment. Therefore, we prioritize suppliers with quality and environmental certificates.