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Towards a better society

through innovation

Innovation is key for REGNER®‘s competitiveness, and it is essential to guarantee the sustainability of the company in the long run. For this reason, we have established and implemented an R&D&I management system based on the UNE 16602 standard requirements.

R&D is the department in charge of monitoring the company’s innovative efforts and supporting the achievement of external funding for R&D&I projects in the different markets and areas—from the internal planning phase, all the way to completion.

Commitment to R&D&I

REGNER® is committed and focused on conducting R&D&I activities:

  • Facilitating and accelerating the development and evolution of a technological offer of our own.
  • Maximizing technological differentiation options by identifying and capturing ideas, initiatives, and both internal and external assets, and by accessing external funding sources to carry them out.

Main goals

At REGNER®, we follow an agile and flexible innovation model with three primary goals:

  • Turn innovation into our strategic lever for distinctiveness.
  • Shape innovation towards responding to our strategic business needs.
  • Capitalize internal talent to generate innovative and distinctive initiatives.

Core principles

To fulfill this commitment and achieve our goals, REGNER® has established the following core principles:

  • Establish and develop an R&D Management system based on the UNE 166002 standard.
  • Keep all our staff involved and engaged in order to encourage their participation in the management, application, and continuous improvement of the R&D&I management system, fostering a culture of innovation.
  • Make sure that projects and R&D&I activities developed by REGNER® respond to the needs and expectations of our customers, collaborators, and interested parties.