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Our goal:

Surprising our customers


At REGNER®, we strive to outdo ourselves day after day. We take it as a challenge to prove that we are able to improve and surprise our customers time and time again with the quality of our solutions.

Pleasantly surprising our customers by exceeding their expectations means offering them satisfaction and achieving their loyalty to our brand. The REGNER® brand carries the promise that every linear motion solution is reliable, safe, of the highest quality, and in compliance with all local laws and regulations.

We apply advanced manufacturing throughout the whole value chain

REGNER® has started a program aimed at applying advanced manufacturing to the whole value chain which focuses on using the vast amount of information available to the company in an efficient way.

We work to make our processes and systems “smarter” in order to optimize quality control, predictive maintenance, and internal logistics, the three main areas of application of advanced manufacturing in the company.

Our motto: do not compromise the quality of our solutions, ever

We are aware that our motion control products are used in situations in which one single error may have serious consequences. That is why we stick to the principle of never compromising the safety, compliance, and quality of our products and services.

This requires that all our collaborators get involved, understand their responsibility in the achievement of our objectives in terms of quality, and have the power to take action to guarantee product safety. We give the utmost importance to testing our solutions for validation, because we understand that our actuators cannot fail. That is why every actuator undergoes individual and complete inspection before delivery.

We foster continuous improvement in all our processes

All our collaborators are involved and committed to achieve high quality standards through the application of our Quality Management System, based on three main points:

  1. Quality standards: they collect the knowledge and experience of REGNER® professionals to guarantee their systematic and consistent application.
  2. Continuous improvement management cycle: it makes it possible to guarantee an efficient management of Quality processes, to measure performance, and to promote improving our Quality culture.
  3. Process-based management system: it covers the entire value chain, in which each function is responsible for defining and managing processes that may impact the quality and safety of products, regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction.