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Robots are taking on more and more tasks that are monotonous, dangerous or simply impossible for a human being. Nowadays, their use has become widespread for industrial inspection, be it for locating damage in industrial boilers in a very precise manner, to check large tanks or to verify irregularities in underground pipes, which are all extremely complex tasks.

Together with our customers, we have developed specific solutions for the axles of industrial robots, increasing their mobility and, therefore, their inspection capacity. By using REGNER® actuators, one can easily access spaces that are extremely hard to reach otherwise, control pipe inspection robotic systems, open or close entrances, and regulate ventilation systems. Periodic inspections meant to prevent damage caused by corrosion, cracking or mechanical fatigue are now more reliable and can be carried out more safely.

ACTUATOR: RA45.1000.100.256.500.D8

Power supply 24 VDC Max. load 1,000 N
Max. speed 7.3 mm/s Protection IP69
Safety Limit switches Position control Hall sensor

Sealed to handle work 60 meters deep

Inspection robots are designed to access sewers and large pipes, so they must be extremely resistant and use sturdy, powerful electric actuators in order to do so seamlessly, without getting stuck in their irregular interiors.

A manufacturer of robotic inspection equipment requested us to design and manufacture a custom series of actuators to include in the axles of one of their robot models, designed to inspect, clean, and repair pipelines.

The manufacturer needed a series of actuators with the following features:

  • Compact, small actuators to install in the body of the robot.
  • Actuators with digital control of the position and of the axles’ direction.
  • Fully watertight actuators for use in pipes at a depth of 60 meters, and capable of withstanding high pressures.
  • Low consumption solutions.
  • Maintenance-free actuators.

After developing a custom design for their application and checking the excellent control position feedback signal, the most difficult part of the project was to verify that the actuator actually worked seamlessly 60 meters underwater.

For this purpose, we carried out an initial simulation test using Solidworks Simulation software, followed by a real test that proved the quality of the solution we had designed. The custom RA45 actuators are currently used in the several countries where this manufacturer has distributed their robotic inspection equipment.

ACTUATOR: RA38.2000.100.296.500.H10

Power supply 24 VDC Max. load 2,000 N
Max. speed 7.3 mm/s Stroke 100 mm
Safety Limit switches Protection IP54

Compact actuators for visual inspection robots

A manufacturer of inspection robots for industrial boilers needed a series of very compact and sturdy actuators for their visual and ultrasonic inspection solutions. Their robots are designed to identify any damage that appears in the walls of industrial boilers, saving companies time and money, and offering them greater safety.

The RA38 series was the right choice to install in their small robots. It provides reliability and precision in a lightweight and easily integrable solution. It also adapts to tight spaces with ease.