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Driving performance through culture

The results REGNER® has achieved through the years are based on a set of core values that give sense to a whole company. It is only through a highly motivated and trained team and a ingrained quality philosophy towards customers that reliable motion control solutions and systems can be delivered on a permanent basis.

We place great importance on our values:

Customer orientation

REGNER®, as a customer-oriented organization, places customer satisfaction at the core of each of its business decisions. We draw our strength from the ability to listen empathetically and understand our customers.

Ability to translate ethics into results

REGNER® success is based on honesty, transparency, loyalty and integrity in dealing with clients and in interpersonal relations as well as on the ability to translate shared ethics into credibility and results.

Enthusiastic employees

The spirit of REGNER® is its human team. Their passion, their enthusiasm, their talents, and their minds are the engine behind REGNER®, which fuse together into team value.